Register Students

Please read before filling the form

Islamic Studies Registration – You must fill out 2 forms

1. Form A for each student/child you want to register
2. Form B with the family details for the student/child

For Example:
If you want to register 2 children, you will fill out 2 x FORM A.

Fill out the information for the first child then press “Submit Form” and then fill out another FORM A for the next child, etc.

After that, you will fill out 1 x FORM B with the family information associated with all the children you have filled out FORM A for.

Form A – Student Information

Islamic Studies Registration

Student Registration

Note: If you have more than 1 child registering, please fill out and submit this form and then repeat the form again for the next child etc.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Please write details of any conditions, e.g., dyslexia, autism, etc., your child has. Please provide

the school with a copy of any relevant SEN reports or ILPs (Individual Learning Plans) your child has.

Medical Notes

Please write details of any medical conditions, e.g., asthma, epilepsy, allergies, diabetes etc., your child has. Please provide details of any medicine your child takes regularly or in emergencies.

Islamic Education

Please write the name of the teacher or institute he/she previously studied under and what they learned.

SAMA Academy

We may use audio or visual recording in learning activities or occasionally for promotional purposes – please indicate below whether you want to ‘Opt in’ or Opt out’ :


I declare all the information provided above to be true and complete.

Form B – Family Information

FORM B - Family Information

Family Form

If you have more than one child applying, one of these forms will be sufficient, as long as all the details mentioned in FORM A are the same; i.e., they live at the same address, etc.

Father's Information

Mother's Information

Other Guardian

(Please complete this if the child is living with someone other than the mother or father.)


SAMA Academy sends important WhatsApp messages and emails to parents, without these parents will not be updated regularly. We would encourage all parents to ‘Opt in’ to keep updated to all the important information.

Emergency Contact

This is someone who does not live with the child e.g. uncle, grandmother, or neighbour. We will contact them if we cannot get through to the family in an emergency:

Collecting your child from SAMA Academy (Important)

Who is likely to collect the child from school and what’s their relation to the child. Please give up to 3 names below:

Note: If we do not recognise the relative collecting your child, we will call parents prior to allowing them to collect the child

Travelling Alone

Only fill in this section if your child will be travelling to and from SAMA Academy alone. How is your child likely to travel (cycle, walk, public transport)?

*Once your child is offered a place, you will be expected to set up a Direct Debit via our website.