“Education is our passport to the future”

– Malcolm X

Welcome to SAMA Tuition. We provide Maths, English and Science tuition to children from KS2 up to GCSE Level. We use a structured approach ensuring that we cover the national curriculum and use our own teaching material coupled with established textbooks published by CGP.

Key Stage 2

We help build a secure foundation for English and Maths to facilitate a child in developing basic arithmetic and comprehension skills, making future assessments and further development easier.

Key Stage 3

Our teachers engage all students in learning all the knowledge essential in the content required for GCSEs. Through teaching them the more complex ideas, they are able to gauge a better understanding of the curriculum, leading to higher grades.

GCSE Tuition

All students are supported during their GCSE experience and are helped specifically in topics they struggle with. Through removing weak areas of knowledge, they are guaranteed grades in the top percentage of the UK. While simultaneously strengthening knowledge through revision techniques and exam practice with regular assessments consolidating their long-term memory.

Our tutors will make the sessions fun and engaging and provide an environment to nurture your child’s desire to learn, think and become engrained with a sense of intuition and questioning.

We will be closed for any school holidays (half term and term holidays) following the Tower Hamlets school holidays.

SAMA Tuition will help your child by:

  • Supporting their school learning
  • Building their confidence
  • Helping them with preparation for exams
  • Helping them achieve better results

Session Times

Thursday and Friday : 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Pricing: Fees are calculated termly.

Arabic GCSE Studies

We offer GCSE Arabic tuition that focuses on all 4 components of the exam:

1. Listening

2, Reading

3. Writing

4. Speaking

We follow the GCSE Arabic specification to help you achieve the best possible grades. We focus on vocabulary and going through past papers.

Session Times: Thursday & Friday 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Session Pricing: £11 per hour