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Who are we?

SAMA is a charitable organisation established in 2019 by a group of teachers in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Its mission is to meet the needs and promote the interests of the local community by providing a safe space where individuals can seek help and guidance.

The organisation aims to establish quality education and tuition for the community, creating a hub where everyone can meet and build connections despite cultural differences.

SAMA offers a range of classes and opportunities for individuals to enhance their skills, such as languages or digital skills, and provides support to those in need of guidance and assistance in dealing with issues relating to utility bills, form completion, and more. The organisation is open Monday to Friday and has dedicated multilingual-speaking staff to cater to the needs of the local community.

SAMA’s SAMA Academy project runs national curriculum classes in core subjects, Islamic Studies, and ESOL skills for adults.
It also has a women’s support group designed to enable women to come together to meet for a chat. SAMA is working closely with NGOs and organisations in the area to support the community.

Overall, SAMA aims to support the local community and promote social cohesion by providing activities that improve knowledge, skills, health, and well-being. Its services are a practical expression of faith and not solely to advance Islam, but to serve the needs of the local community. SAMA is a part of society and aims to uplift the community.

What makes us different

English, Arabic and Bengali

Fluent in multiple languages

Qualified & Experienced

Decades of experience

Female Teachers

For all children under 10 & older girls

DBS Checked

All staff DBS checked

Male Teachers

For all boys 10 and above

First Aid Training

Staff attend annual training

Islamic and Quranic studies

Our Islamic and Quranic studies courses are specially tailored to engage our students on a deeper level. We offer a personal touch to your child’s educational needs with our uniquely curated Islamic studies lessons, laid out in line with the National Curriculum’s literacy and numeracy standards. Our Islamic Curriculum lesson and National Curriculum lessons are linked to British Values’ strands. Therefore, making SAMA a unique part-time tuition centre, set apart from the rest by mapping out our Islamic Curriculum according to the 9 -1 grading system.

Every child matters

Every child matters at SAMA. As such, we continually strive to ensure that every child can progress spiritually, morally and academically, whilst developing social and cultural awareness. In doing so, we hope to inspire your child to pursue whatever they aspire to whilst remaining grounded in their moral and Islamic principles.

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